Mylfed – Serene Siren Spin Cycle Tongue


Spin Cycle Tongue

Vanna Bardot is trying to get her arrogant boyfriend to do laundry with her, but he is not having it. He storms away, claiming that it is womens work. Stone cold fox Serene Siren sees the whole thing go down, and is quick to swoop in and show Vanna how she should be taken care of. She dips low and licks Vannas young clit up against the washing machines, making her squirm in ecstasy. Then she eats her pussy while Vanna lays in a laundry cart! Vanna cums hard while Serene eats her pussy, and wonders why she was ever with that snotty guy in the first place. Talk about airing out your dirty laundry!

Category: Lesbian, MILF
Added on: February 4, 2019