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Karla Kush A Good Neighbor

My husband and I are new to the neighborhood and we had a crazy kinky party last night. Apparently we were a bit loud though because the neighbor came over to complain. The next day in order to maintain a good neighbor relationship I decided to walk over and talk to them. The handsome husband opened the door and invited me in. He apologized for his wife’s actions. Unfortunately, seems like she is not as open minded as he is. He was curious about the kind of party we had and started asking about it. I explained to him that I have a foot fetish and we host foot fetish parties every month. His eyes went wide. He admitted he has a crazy foot fetish. He immediately complimented on my feet so I took my heels off and flaunted my sexy arch in front of his nose. We both knew what’s coming next so I figured why wait. I stuffed my feet into his face and he licked my soft soles and sucked on my pretty pink pedicured toes. Oh my god, I loved it! He fucked me right there on the couch where he watches TV with his closed minded wifey. Hope I didn’t leave my panties there because I realized I was missing them when I got back home

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Added on: January 5, 2019