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Ovulation Sensation Claudia Valentine

Claudia Valentine has been trying to get pregnant forever, so when she starts ovulating, she calls her husband to come over and stick his dick inside her. Unfortunately, he is not the fastest guy in the world, and she gets worried that they are going to miss their window of opportunity. That is when our stud shows up at her door looking to collect money for his football team. Claudia immediately gets ideas about the young guy. She can see he is tall and finds out he has a good GPA and is healthy as a horse. She pulls him into the house and seduces him with her tight MILF bod. From there on out, she has no problem getting all the cum she needs. She rides our studs thick cock with her tight cunt and makes him squirt his juices in her. Just do not tell her husband!

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Added on: January 10, 2019