Get To Know My Stepson Skylea Novea


Get To Know My Stepson Skylea Novea

My boyfriend and I have been together for about six months. As the holidays were approaching he mentioned that his son, Alex, who goes to college in New York, will be stopping by. I was at home one day when my boyfriend called and said Alex took an earlier flight and will arrive in a couple hours. When I opened the door I was surprised at how tall and handsome he was. We sat down in the living room and after a short talk I went outside to take care of some business calls. Soon after though, he followed me and sat next to me. While I was on the phone and sitting with my legs crossed, I noticed him staring at my feet way more than he should. I realized what he’s into. So coyly I told him I wish his dad was into my feet because I love my feet being played with. He froze for a moment as though he knew he was caught but then didn’t seem to care. It turned me on so I decided I let him play with my feet a little bit. I asked him to remove my shoes, which he did, and he started sucking on my red pedicured toes without hesitation. Mmm I loved it! It was just what I was missing. He picked me up and carried me inside and fucked me on the couch with his huge cock. He came all over my sexy feet just in time before his daddy came home.


Added on: January 12, 2019

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