FILF – Kate Has A Crush On Her Best Friend’s Father


Kate Has A Crush On Her Best Friend’s Father

Starring the charming Kate Kennedy; Young, blonde and ready to bone, Kate Kennedy brings you a dream come true for any single father out there. She’s a cute, curious teen whose sexual fever never goes down. Watch her eyes twinkle as her beautiful bubble butt bounces from the pounding of her tight pussy. Chuck Phillips is doing a little video about car repairs when Kate enters his driveway on a bicycle. She’s been riding around the neighborhood, barely dressed, looking absolutely sexy. She asks for her best friend Haley. Realizing that Haley’s out of town at her mom’s for the week, she asks if she can use the washroom and goes inside. When Mr. Phillips enters the living room and talks to Kate Has A Crush On Her Best Friend’s Father about his divorce, dating, and sex. She asks him if he has needs that need fulfilling as she grabs on his pants, suggesting she could be the one taking care of his little loneliness problem. Kate undoes his belt, running his big dick straight down her throat, looking him dead in the eyes as she gives him the best blowjob he’s ever received. Chuck’s ex-wife never would’ve dared to do all the dirty things Kate is so eager to do to him. Chuck is bringing in his A-game, slithering his way in her womb with big, decisive hip thrusts. Her cute, round tits bounce as she jumps up and down, all the while rubbing her cute shaved pussy. Her daddy frenzy comes to a climax as Mr. Phillips unloads his thick cum in her pussy, giving her an extra creamy creampie.


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Added on: January 28, 2019