FILF – Messy Teen Keilani Cleans Off Her Father’s Friend Big Cock


Messy Teen Keilani Cleans Off Her Father’s Friend Big Cock

Starring Keilani Kita; Doing the dishes, cleaning your room. Those are things that you’ve learned to do from a young age, but not for Keilani. She’s a messy young adult who’s cleanliness is far from optimal. Yet her round small tits, big ass, and slender body tell a different story. She’s a beautiful mix of half American, half Filipino and from her 5 feet height, you’re sure to see her gobble on your knob from the perfect angle. Keilani called down by her older father’s friend who’s taking care of the house while he’s out of town for work. She needs to get cleaning and do the dishes. After some argument, she washes everything and goes back to her room where he finds out that her room is a real mess. Keilani is done with washing and cleaning so she brings out a brand new tactic. She starts undoing his pants, pulling out his cock. Cleaning it off with a good blowjob, she then turns around showing her amazing ass, inviting him for a pussy ride. He slides it in, pounding her as she spreads her butt, showing off her asshole. As her round, small tits bounce from the sheer power of his thrusting big dick, she decides to sit on it and jump until he can’t take it anymore and has to blow his load. She then gives the coup-de-grâce, a hard stroking handjob where she directs all his cum directly in her mouth and swallows.


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Added on: January 29, 2019

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