FILF – Honey Gold Daddy Issues


Honey Gold Daddy Issues

Starring Ryan Mclane and the gorgeous Honey Gold, Featuring Tony; Ryan asks his business partner Tony to drop by his house to give him the good news. The deal they’ve been working so hard on has finally sealed. They’ve just made loads of money. This calls for a celebration. Time to go out and get a couple brewskis at the strip club, get some lapdances and maybe come back home with a couple of strippers, because, why not? They’re rich! Excited by their accomplishment, Ryan mentions that they should keep their voices down since his wife and stepdaughter are sleeping. Stepdaughter? That’s the first time Tony has ever heard of her. Ryan has been married for a few months now, and he never mentioned his wife had a daughter. In any case, one thing about her is that she’s blazing HOT. Tony’s curiosity got the best of him when his friend asks him if he wants to look at her while she slept. A bit creepy, but why not? He had to see her with his own eyes to believe it. Ryan sneakily enters her room and removes the sheet to reveal her amazing round ass. She suddenly rolls on her back, exposing her tits to them. That gives her stepdad an idea. He pulls out his dick and starts rubbing it on her tits when she suddenly looks like she’s about to wake up and they run out of the room. Back in the living room, they discuss where they should go and party, they suddenly hear Honey Gold Daddy Issues calling her stepdaddy over. He goes to see her and she tells him she had a wet dream about him. There’s an opportunity he can’t let go. His mind’s telling him no, but her body is telling him yes. He’s wanted this ever since he saw her for the first time. Plus, she’s being very convincing. She just woke, up she’s horny and she wants him. She pulls him back on the bed as he tries to get away and undo his pants. Blowing on his cock just like in her dreams. Ryan’s living the best day of his life. He got rich, and he gets to fuck his scorching hot stepdaughter. Living the life, my man.

Added on: January 29, 2019