FILF – Father Seduced Into Fucking Sexy Babysitter Gianna Dior


Father Seduced Into Fucking Sexy Babysitter Gianna Dior

Starring the sublime Gianna Dior; All eyes on her. Gianna Dior is a fierce and beautiful young woman who’s body leave men wanting for more. In the hot summer days of California, she loves to wear revealing clothes, leaving nothing to the imagination. Gianna works as a babysitter for her neighbor, a doctor living with his wife and s. She’s been wanting to have sex with an older man and her neighbor is a real FILF. He’s in good shape, tall and everytime she sees him strolling around the neighborhood she can’t help herself but to watch him, thinking of how all the things she would do to him. The day comes and she learns that her neighbor’s wife is out of town. Gianna is out for the . She shows up at his house, claiming she hasn’t received her last week’s pay for babysitting. She fakes concern towards her tits getting bigger, asking for medical examination. The doctor’s being reluctant but she wants him to feel her up. She removes her shirt and grabs his hand so he can feel and grab on her beautiful natural tits. Taking the opportunity, she grabs his cock asking him why he’s getting hard, knowing fully that it’s her doing. Gianna kneels in front of him and pulls out a way bigger dick that she expected and immediately starts gobbling on it. She finally realizes her wildest dream of fucking a hot father.


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Added on: January 29, 2019

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