FILF – Rion Catches Stepsisters Having Sex And Joins In


Catches Stepsisters Having Sex And Joins In Alexa Nova, Ivy Brooks

Featuring Alexa Nova, Ivy Brooks, and Rion King; After catching his two friends Alexa and Ivy, two stepsisters having sex together, Rion loses his shit. He exclaims that he will tell everyone he knows but the girls just brush it off, push him out of the room and leave to the bathroom to take a shower. While the two stepsisters are cleaning up, Rion goes back to the bedroom to snoop around. He finds their dripping wet underwear, and the strap-on dildo they’ve just used. Giving it a good sniff, he knows he wants in on the fun too. He opens the door to the bathroom slowly, getting a little peek at the stepsisters who see him immediately and ask him to join them. He undresses, gets in and both stepsisters take turns blowing on his cock. After drying off, the little threesome goes to the living room to continue their fun time. He can’t believe he gets to fuck both of his friends at the same time. He takes turn dipping his dick into their pussies balls deep until he blows his load all over Alexa’s face.

Category: Lesbian, Taboo, Teen, Threesome
Added on: January 31, 2019